A Sign of the Times of the Carolinas’ is a non-profit 501(C)-3 organization that raises the level of appreciation and support of the performing arts through music, dance and spoken word performances, educational workshops and programs that explore for the full community the contributions of Africans and African-Americans in the history of the world. We are dedicated to improving our community through programs and services that positively reflect the rich musical heritage that is uniquely African American. We value the struggles of our ancestors, the potential of our children, the tenacity of our people and the beauty that exists in all people!

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Black History is Not just for Black People!

While knowledge of one”s history has many benefits for the individual, the rewards are much greater the community.  We learn the sanguine world and American history in school but not the actual history of native Americans or Africans in the Americas. Black History is invisible to most people; yet it”s invaluable to all people. An […]

Entrer dans Black History via Hip Hop

By Stephen Hicks I am 26 years old. And for 20 or so years, hip-hop has been present. Hip-hop, formulated by New York teenagers in the late 1970s produced a wealth of cultural richness ripe for my impressionable mind. Today, I credit hip-hop’s influence upon my worldview from politics, economics, religion, dietary habits, and fashion. […]